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What Is The Best Workout For Abs At Home?

It's important to maintain healthy and firm lines while enjoying delicious food! We select three kinds of abs workouts that can be easily done at home, which can effectively get rid of belly fat and love handles, help you get a tight and slim waist!

Abs Workout 1:

workout for abs - Plank

When it comes to tightening your belly and waist, you'll think of planks that exercise your core and your whole body! Keep your back, abdomen, and hips in a straight line, open your feet shoulder-width apart, look at the floor in a prone position, and breathe smoothly. Start with a group of five for 30 seconds. Although simple and easy to exercise, some small details need to pay special attention to, so as to avoid the wrong posture causing the injury.

Abs Workout 2: Crunches

workout for abs - Crunches

Crunches is also one of the most popular abdominal muscle training exercises. In addition to lying on the ground with knees bent and lifting the upper body slightly to train the abdomen, there are many advanced versions of crunches. Here we introduce a reverse crunches, which lifts the lower body forcefully to train the midsection abs. It is recommended to take 30 times as a group, 1-2 groups in total.

Abs Workout 3: Leg Lifting

workout for abs - Leg Lifting

Lift your upper body slightly, kick your legs straight up and down, and use your abdominal strength to maintain your center of gravity. It takes less than a minute to feel your abs tighten. There are many variations in leg lifting. If you feel that it is too simple to kick two feet in turn, you can also try to raise your legs straight, after 90 degrees with your body, lower your legs slowly at an angle of 60 or 30 degrees, but do not touch the ground, and then slowly lift your legs. The entire process must rely on the power of the abdominal muscles to keep the legs in the air. This is a very meaningful way to train the abdominal muscles!

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