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6 Simple Office Exercises Tips To Keep You Fit

For about three million years of human development, standing and squatting have been the dominant positions. Sitting is actually an "anti-human" thing. Sitting, at best, has only been around for thousands of years. The human body is not designed to sit down. When we sit down, all motor functions in the lower body shut down.

Human Evolution

An analysis of 13 studies on sitting time and activity found that those who sat for eight hours a day and did not exercise had a similar risk of death as those who had obesity and smoking. This article will give you six tips for office exercises to keep you fit while staying productive at work.

1. Sit Up Straight With Support

Sit Up Straight-With-Support

Besides doing office exercises, it is important to have a correct sitting posture. The bottom sits on the edge of the chair, the ischium supports the whole upper body, the waist is straight, the upper body and the thigh are 90 degrees, and the center of gravity of the head and lumbar spine should be in a line. Or you can try another simple version: Bottom to sit in a chair to sit full, pelvis to maintain a neutral position. You can add a back brace to relieve the pressure of a part of the spine, but do not bend your waist. In addition, the height of the chair should also be noted, keep your forearms parallel to the floor when your elbows are bent on the table naturally, avoiding shrugging and reducing stress on your shoulder joints.

2. Neck Exercise

Neck Exercise

First, sit on the edge of your chair in the correct posture, keeping your back straight and doing a hunch. Embrace yourself back and forth with open arms, while pressing your hands down on your shoulders, both hands in a thumbs-up position, fly your arms with the force of your shoulder blades pulling back. When you are tired at work, do this 10-15 times and you will feel comfortable.

3. Breath Training

Breath Training

Place your hands under your ribs and inhale deeply as you lift your chest and feel the ribs expand with your hands, and push in with your hands as you exhale. Repeat 5 times to help correct your breathing pattern.

4. Arm Exercise

Arm Exercise

Turn your arms inside out propping on the edge of the chair, hands facing inward, and throw your body back to create more tension in your arms, hold the stretch for 5 seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat 8 times and your arms will feel good.

5. Legs Exercise

Legs Exercise

Lift your right leg and place it on your left knee. Press your knee down with your hand to feel the stretch in your hip. At this point, keep your pelvis stable and do not wiggle. Keeping the hand on the knee and continuing to exert power, hold the side of the chair with another hand and rotate to the right. Hold for five deep breaths, then switch sides. Repeat 5 times to relax all upper limbs, hips, and legs.

6. Sit As little As You Can

Sit As little As You Can

More than 90 minutes counts as excessive sitting. Every hour and a half, get up and move for two minutes for a drink, a toilet, a stroll, or do these office exercises. You can also change your posture by sitting cross-legged or on one leg to relax your muscles and then return to the correct position. Try these office exercises to relax your body when you're tired at work!


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